Cycles and Cars


Restoring classic muscle

Ford’s version of bare-bones muscle is exemplified by this Fairlane Cobra Fastback, equipped with a 428 CJ motor and a close-ratio 31-spline top-loader 4-speed. This rare Q-code model is an original 90,000 mile survivor...


1962 Schwinn Jaguar Mark IV

Schwinn’s top-of-the-line middleweight model. Typical of “equipped” bicycles of the era, it is loaded with accessories–accounting for the $87.95 price tag as compared to the $52.95 price of of the basic Typhoon version of...


1969 Ford Cobra fastback

Restored-to-factory-stock Ford Cobra fastback with precision balanced and built 428 Cobra Jet FE V-8, close-ratio (very high first gear making the other 3 fairly bunched up) 4-speed and 3.5 rear gear ratio. That combination...


Easy restoration?

Needs work, but appears complete–a few things might be hard to find. The tach I replaced the factory clock with long ago was still mounted.


50 years of unknown history

I knew all about it then, and see recent pictures of it now, but I know nothing of what occurred during the 50 years in between. My first car, a 1960 Buick Invicta Custom...


Bicycle books

My two books, How to Restore Your Collector Bicycle & Classic Schwinn Bicycles, are available at, & other booksellers. They both contain photos and text with tips for identifying, classifying, evaluating, maintaining & collecting the old two-wheeled relics. ...

0 being rebuilt

Soon, you’ll once again be able to find photos and data right here pertaining to wheeled goodies, namely cars, bicycles and the occasional motorcycle.  Original 1960s Schwinns will be featured, along with interesting automobiles and...