Bicycle books

My two books, How to Restore Your Collector Bicycle & Classic Schwinn Bicycles, are available at, & other booksellers. They both contain photos and text with tips for identifying, classifying, evaluating, maintaining & collecting the old two-wheeled relics.  Antiques, heavyweights (balloon tire), middleweights & lightweights are covered in both books. The How To book adds practical, step-by-step mechanical & cosmetic renovation procedures used by collectors & restorers, while the Schwinn book chronicles the history of Schwinn and its various models. (classic & antique bicycle exchange), is an excellent old bicycle resource, with a Website offering forums, data archives and merchandise for bicycle enthusiasts of all descriptions.

Speaking of Websites, the ultimate antique and collectible bicycle database for all brands of bicycles is available at Lots of photos, articles, vintage advertising scans, et cetera.

Still gathering photos & data for a photo gallery of middleweight & lightweight Schwinns to appear in this space.

Muscle cars & other interesting vintage vehicles, of two & four wheel variety, will be featured also, along with topics of interest to all vehicle operators (drivers & riders). Stay tuned…




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